Broken Tether

from by the Collection



All of my days, they are coming to an end - I am counting down the seconds
and I can no longer pretend that I am completely content with where I’m at

If I met you, I would burn my magazines, erase all my history, and say I’m sorry
and like a tree, I’d burn my leaves, and bare myself for all to see, and you’d call it beauty

I am hoping that you’re running down the road to me without your shoes on

I am binding every part that is left of me to a tiny mustard seed, and it is growing
so if my hands should start to bleed, it means loves flowing out of me: lets start rejoicing!

I am roaming, and you are calling me back home. I have never felt that call so strong before
and though my feet walk very slow, and there is death between my bones, I’ll make it home!

‘cause there are days, sometimes even weeks when I can say I don’t believe
but the days are getting longer in between
maybe it would help me if we’d meet


from Ars Moriendi, released July 15, 2014


all rights reserved



the Collection

The banjo-keys-glock-strings-brass-woodwinds-timpani-boy/girl-vocals-etc. of David Wimbish’s Greensboro collective may at first recall the figurine-songs of Sufjan Stevens – but only until one of the 12-member band’s delirious crescendos erupts. Wimbish employs as many as 20 instruments per track, yet the arrangements are judicious when they need to be- Shuffle Magazine ... more


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