Siddhartha (My Light Was A Ghost)

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I keep losing everything I have
My keys, my phone, my friends, my hat
And every brick I laid each year collapsed
By some unnamed trumpeter marching past
And he asked

What if my light was a ghost?
Every breath comes out held by a gasp
With every timbered year tied loose to my soul’s raft
I’m tugging at my oars with waning grasp
And when I hear the river, it only laughs
And it asks

What if my light was a ghost?

The divine came and cut all my bark away
And I stood naked, awaiting the fire
Took my last breath from the sun and the wind and clay
And I was one with the whole earth’s desires
And I lived and died at the same time

What if my light was a ghost?
What if all failures and hopes are on the same river, afloat?
Then I think my light is a ghost


from Listen To The River, released March 24, 2017


all rights reserved



the Collection

The banjo-keys-glock-strings-brass-woodwinds-timpani-boy/girl-vocals-etc. of David Wimbish’s Greensboro collective may at first recall the figurine-songs of Sufjan Stevens – but only until one of the 12-member band’s delirious crescendos erupts. Wimbish employs as many as 20 instruments per track, yet the arrangements are judicious when they need to be- Shuffle Magazine ... more


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