I've been asking where you are, they say you frequent liquor stores and make them water out of wine,
get them drunk on holy vines
living water seems to pour on me until I don't want more
Holy tongues and tongues of fire, holy gossip through telephone wires

We just sit there skipping stones, trying to walk on water some
but I can't seem to calm a sea, much less my emotional self-deceiving

I've been seeing snakes sprout legs, offering us our souls instead
grace has made me free from sin, sounds like a such a good bargain
and I'm too tired, let's say we're done; we can say we had a good run
Father, Healer, take our place even if we're last running the race

and I don't want to catch my breathe, burning like a cigarette
Heaven knows where hell belongs for those of us whose noses grow too long

but You must be tired of skipping stones, hoping that they'll come back up
and I just want to be your own and drown beneath your love

Jesus stands above my grave with a look of pity on his face and says "I know you better now than I did before and you're prettier"
but every time I roll the dice, I can never get the same thing twice so playing's become such a bore,
I pick the words that I want to ignore like the ones you're saying now that say I can't become too proud
I'll leave the ones that sound like love 'cause they must have come from heaven above, yeah, they must have come from heaven above, yeah they must have come from heaven above, yeah you must have come from heaven above


from the Collection EP, track released September 24, 2011


all rights reserved



the Collection

The banjo-keys-glock-strings-brass-woodwinds-timpani-boy/girl-vocals-etc. of David Wimbish’s Greensboro collective may at first recall the figurine-songs of Sufjan Stevens – but only until one of the 12-member band’s delirious crescendos erupts. Wimbish employs as many as 20 instruments per track, yet the arrangements are judicious when they need to be- Shuffle Magazine ... more


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